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dreams_decoded's Journal

We can learn a lot from our dreams.
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Dreams, dream sharing, and dream interpretation.
This community is a place where lj users can share their dreams, and leave them to interpretation to other users. If you don't want your dream interpreted then you can just post that you just wanted to share the dream.

Sometimes dreams are disturbing and we want to talk about them, and sometimes they're so real you want to see if anyone else has experienced the same thing.

This community is monitored by dreamsperplexia. Any posts or comments that are inappropriate will be deleted and the user will be warned. 3 warnings and the user will be banned. For now there is an open membership and anyone can join.
Inappropriate posts or comments include posts with spam, cheese-wheeling, and harassing another member of the community.

If anyone has any questions dreamsperplexia may be reached at anytime.